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Donation Goal For This Project is $3,000
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“It is beloved to me to see one increasing his acts of generosity during the month of Ramadan, following the example of Allah’s Messenger, and for one’s own good. There are many who become over-occupied with fasting and Prayers, forgetting the other benefits of the month of Ramadan.” (Lataa’if-ul Ma’aarif)

Charity is encouraged in most religions; but in Islam, charity is a duty. The holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims worldwide fast during daylight hours and abstain from other pleasures, is also the month where Muslims contribute to charity work, and donations for those less fortunate. This blessed month is our opportunity to do better and be better. Here in Chicago, there are many who can use our help and summer brings its own challenges for the less fortunate – – such as for the homeless, who have no cold storage, food goes bad quicker and they must contend with insects on top of finding a source for their next meal.

These are, by no means, problems we can solve over night but collectively, we can achieve so much, and before summer is over your donation and hard work will have impacted someone’s life. Furthermore, we live in a time when it’s important for people of all walks of life to see Muslims doing good. Your donation and contributed efforts can mean so much while also reflecting our deen kindly upon our community and, in a small way, upon the world.

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Here’s how YOU can help!

Starting the first Saturday of Ramadan, Forward Humanity team will hand out 100 brown bag lunches two times a week on foot to those in need across downtown Chicago. Through the help of volunteers and support of Downtown Islamic Center, we have been providing 100 meals every Sunday to raise awareness of this local community need, a part of the global hunger issue. 


If you would like to sponsor an event, please email us.


Join Us! We will make 100 food packets for the hungry every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 12pm at Downtown Islamic Center


Donate money towards the cause.